Anderson Creek Bridge

Surrey, BC

Project Info

The Anderson Creek Bridge Replacement project included removal and disposal of the existing timber bridge and timber piles; earthworks and installation of riprap; supply and installation of 10 – 610 steel pipe piles; construction of two cast-in-place concrete abutments and wingwalls; supply and installation of precast concrete girders; construction of cast-in-place concrete deck overlay and concrete parapets; installation of bicycle railings; grading and paving of two 40-meter long approach roadways, and landscaping and site restoration.

Scope of Work

  • Bridge Demolition
  • In-Stream Work
  • Pile Driving
  • Concrete Work
  • Girder Erection
  • Bridge Deck Concrete
  • AC Paving
  • Riparian Work
  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Working under a 500KV line
  • Landscaping Stream Work
  • CONTRACT VALUE$1,500,000
  • CONSULTANTKlohn Crippen Berger
  • TIMELINEAugust 2019 - November 2019