Concrete Float Modules

 SAR Facility at Hartley Bay, BC

Project Info

The Canadian Coast Guard is opening three additional search and rescue stations in British Columbia as part of the Oceans Protection Plan to improve marine safety, protect Canada’s marine environment and coastal communities, and to support economic growth. This project took place on the traditional territories of the Gitga’at First Nations.

The first phase of the project was completed in 2019 and involved the construction of 2 floating docks.

This project was the second phase where the concrete docks were transported from Steveston Harbour in Richmond to Hartley Bay.

Scope of Work

  • Underwater video
  • HDPE pipe rehabilitation
  • install navigation reflectors
  • Towing two concrete pontoon docks
  • Fabricate and install steel pipe piles
  • Connection of existing timber float to SAR dock
  • CONTRACT VALUE$4,273,000
  • CONSULTANTTetra Tech
  • TIMELINESeptember 2022 - December 2022