Luxton Construction Marine is well-equipped to perform a wide range of marine construction, rehabilitation and repair, deconstruction and design-build projects following BC’s Best Management Practices in marine environments. No matter tide or weather changes, environmental challenges or sharing the waterways, Luxton Marine crews have the experience to mitigate any risk presented to ensure a quality project is delivered on time and within budget. We are a one-stop shop for the government, private organizations, and homeowners in need of marine construction and maintenance services.

Through our marine contractor group, Luxton can provide:

  • Pile extraction
  • Shoring: cofferdam & sheet piling
  • Dredging
  • Marine salvage
  • Anchor placement and repairs
  • Dikes, breakwater, and log booms
  • Erosion Control and rip rap
  • Design and development of appropriate implementation methods
  • Construction and rehabilitation of floats, docks, wharfs, piers, and bridges
  • Marine pile driving: Steel Pipe, H-Pile, Timber, Precast Concrete, Spun Concrete

Luxton Construction Marine has a goal of conserving and sustainably using oceans, seas, and marine resources within our projects and communities.

We respect biodiversity across terrestrial, aquatic, and marine habitats. We create and adhere to procedures and environmental plans to protect environmentally sensitive areas in our projects.

Repair & Reconstruction

We offer full-service marine reconstruction services to help you restore your ageing or damaged docks, marinas, and marine floats back to life. Our marine contractors evaluate the conditions of your site, identify potential hazards, and make recommendations for needed repairs or replacements.

Our repair services include:

  • Refurbishment of existing docks, pilings, and marine facilities
  • Damage repair from erosion, deterioration, and flooding, 
  • Renewal of the aesthetics and safety conditions of your site

Custom Metal Fabrication

With our in-house welders, we can weld and fabricate custom aluminum and stainless-steel designs for many different projects. Whether you are looking for custom fabricated dock accessories, such as ladders, ramps, crane railings, stairs, and platforms; or metal fittings replacement, Luxton Construction Marine’s crew does it all.

Dredging and Dewatering

Luxton’s Marine crews are equipped with dredging and dewatering equipment. We can create an accessible shoreline by gathering up bottom sediments or deepen your shoreline to keep waterways navigable.